Re-invent this Advent

Advent is a time of preparation and expectation…but what if all that got turned on its head by a global pandemic?

Even though the rules have gently relaxed to kind-of sort-of allow for an outdoor Carols event we all know that’s going to be a nightmare to put together and make work. So how do we engage our community–and especially our young people–online at the one time of the year when we have the most visitors ever?

Lean into livestreaming, if that’s what your church is doing, and do it as good as you can. Make a big deal about preparing for Christmas and encourage people to reflect on 2020 and how celebrating the birth of our Lord might impact, develop, or transform that.

There are heaps of great digital and downloadable resources you can use to connect with your smaller people. The Bible Society always do a great job, so get in early to access their content.

St Paul’s Auckland have done some incredible Christmas videos in the past that you could include in your service. For mine, this is one of their best:

Use the growing number of bible studies available in apps to engage your youth, young adults, or even your wider community. YouVersion offer a number of translations of the bible to read/study for free, and they also have a huge library of studies you can use personally or invite others to participate in with you. This is particularly great for connecting young people as they can do the study in their time on their phone/tablet/website and share their reflections with each other as they progress.

It is vital we keep thinking and praying.

Keep trying things (we all are getting good at that right now).

Keep wondering how God will again remind us that this incredible time we have to share our faith should be used for God’s kingdom and God’s glory.

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Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North), and responsible for young adult ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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