Busy Bag vs. Worship Bag

Participation in worship is a key marker for lifelong faith development, so how do we do this well for our littlest ones?

Move over plain paper and pens, colouring sheets, crayons and pipe cleaners. Our Friends at Building Faith have written an awesome article on the importance of developing young faith from preschool ages starting from their bags. There are countless ways to nurture the faith of our youngest disciples and their families in worship: There is a possibilities for items that might foster meaningful worship!

For worshipping communities gathering online
Worship bags can be periodically delivered to families to encourage worship participation, as a simple way to offer pastoral care, and to provide tools to deepen faith development at home. Check out Buildingfaith.orgĀ 

Add The Spiritual Child Network: www.spiritualchild.co.uk to your Resources toolbox!

Celebrating children’s spirituality and providing support, ideas and
resources for those involved in children’s ministry within a Christian context.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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