Pulse is gearing up for Christmas!

As there is only 14 forteen weeks left till Christmas day 2020, the Pulse team will committ to providing resources and sharing the hope of what others may be doing leading up to Christmas.

Messy Christmas is for the whole family. Christmas crafts and activities, songs, Bible stories, prayer, and games.

There’s plenty to do, as we find our selves in this new normal, its caused us to think outside the box, or new ways in engaging! This may include enjoying Christmas dinner virtually together, finding a different way to tell the nativity story or going Old School and caroling in front of peoples homes.

How are we going to bring the whole congregation together this Christmas? How will we communicate the Good News that God has come to Earth to dwell among us should be our primary concern – the lights and the media and the program will all serve that backbone. Messy Church guru Cameron Ware puts it: “focus on the message, and not what we do to tell it.”

Messy Nativity

This fantastic easy to follow step-by-step guide to running your own Messy Nativity Advent project is simple, fun and families and all ages would love!

This festive book, by Jane Leadbetter shares a story of hope. It has a vatiety of ways to bring everyone into the feel of the meaning of the birth of Christ.

  • Hunt for knitted sheep in shops around town
  • Go house-to-house with the Christmas story
  • Perform a Messy Street Nativity play

Find Out more on Messy Nativity https://www.messychurch.org.uk/resource/messy-nativity

The Gingerbread Nativity.

The Gingerbread Nativity uses the popular tradition of making and decorating gingerbread houses and biscuits to explore the themes of Advent and the story of the first Christmas.

It includes instructions, diagrammatic illustrations, recipes and top tips for making, baking and decorating, as well as fake or no bake and allergy-free alternatives.

It also includes Advent reflection and discussion starters for each session; 25 ‘taste-a-day’ family activities; ideas for a gingerbread themed family service and ‘choose and use’ ideas for adapting the material for use in other settings.

Click on these Links for more information about the gingerbread nativity:

https://www.messychurch.org.uk/sites/default/files/uploads/pdf/The_Gingerbread_Mans_Christmas_Adventure.pdf https://www.messychurch.org.uk/resource/gingerbread-nativity

Check out the Link below for a whole list of Resources Messy Church provides for Advent/Christmas Season!


We hope your Messy Church will be a huge and happy gift to your community this Christmas.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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