Youth PoWR

By meeting one another in a positive, friendly atmosphere, engaging in conversations and making shared commitments, Youth PoWR creates a positive experience of a multi-faith society, breaking down ethnic and religious stereotypes and building social cohesion.

Youth PoWR (Parliament of the World’s Religions) gives young people aged 18-35 a voice and a vote in shaping our multicultural, multi-religious society.

Youth PoWR allows young people of faith to meet, engage and build networks across diverse religions; provides youth with formation and practice in the skills of interfaith dialogue and multicultural relations; and develops a sense of belonging, participation and contribution.

Youth PoWR wants young adults to do this. To share your creative ideas and ask questions.

Youth POWR Committee meet monthly to discuss more plans of how Young People can get together and share.

We are living in a time and place where breaking down barriers between people of different religions is crucial if we are to have a peaceful society to call home in the future. Mutual respect is fundamental for any relationship to flourish, especially among people who profess religious belief.

This new interfaith charter provides a renewed hope for our city and encourages all to take action. In the midst of a global pandemic, there is a NEED to look after the marginalised, isolated and vulnerable. More than ever, we need to LEARN and COOPERATE as believers from different faith backgrounds. I hope this statement encourages a community SPIRIT. ONE, that goes beyond boundaries. Where ALL can collaborate on our common issues. YET also celebrate our differences. To the young adults of Sydney. Explore and discover! Enter respectfully into each other’s community spaces. BUT INVITE them into your own. Get INVOLVED in community and social events. We are so INTERCONNECTED with each other. Collaborate! The time is now!

Image: Youth PoWR Consultation Event – Pennant Hills Community Centre, September 2019

To be passionately religious and compassionately interreligious. Let us live our FAITHS with, integrity and authenticity. Not COMPROMISING our beliefs and values. But to SEE believers from other religions as one’s sister and brother. To be SUPPORTED and LOVED. To be enriched and promote positive co-existence for a COHESIVE, HARMONIOUS society.

Like trying new foods? Making new friends? If yes, sign up! Learn and embrace the wonderful diversity that exists in this (great) city! Get on board. Vote for the Sydney Statement. Sign up on

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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