Children’s and Family Ministry Conversations with Pulse

As Leaders amongst Children and Families, God calls us to share with those in need and to live a generous life. Sharing does not only bless those we give to but it blesses us as well!

As one of Pulse’s priorities, to support leaders of Emerging generations, Leaders from across the Synod working with Children and Families, came together via zoom on a Sunday afternoon, to share how they were travelling during Covid19.

It was a time for everyone to hear what was going on within their congregations and communities, and how to offer wisdom and tips on how they continue to grow and adapt to this “new normal”. Within this time of learning to adapt as well as learning a new online space the group respected as we discussed joys and concerns of working in this new adaptation. Daniel Tyson from the Synod Safe Church department was there to offer advice as well as support for how to move forward during our continuous social distancing. Thanks Daniel!

This gathering provided a space where all stories were heard and respected with great empathy for these hard working leaders. Embracing each others wisdom, it was a joy to listen how the children as well as parents grow in this online world.

Keeping it simple, creative and sharing their resources. You will never know a full and joyful life until you are able to give out of generosity and shares what God has given you.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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