Intergenerational Conversations with Pulse

Covid has been tough for ministry with Emerging Gen’s. Most people had thought we would be back to normal by now. As we continue in this time and perhaps “New Normal”, the Pulse team held conversations within Emerging Gen Leaders to share stories of how we continue to move forward during these, times.

The Intergenerational conversation had leaders from all over across the Synod joining the zoom session to hear and listen of how everyone was continuing intergen within their communities and congregations as well as sharing resources to inspire continuous work during this Covid time.

Resources Include:

As the session began, Rev Yvonne Ghavalas Spoke of being why it is important for her to have children feel valued and not excluded, as well as to feel connect during this time. We are all at a stage where we are struggling with Covid, and listening to stories within different parts of our Synod, was able to nourish and inspire leaders to continue on their journey of working with all ages of our church. So much wisdom came out of this session, where we hope to continue with, as we move forward.

Listening to stories of how we can blend and connect together especially with congregations with only few young people, was encouraging especially in rural communities and how might that look like in the future. It was very encouraging to hear and witness, mature members of the church still continued to enjoy volunteering to accomidate spaces for young people to grow within the church as well as journey together with them, as wanting to build a place where all ages are welcomed to journey and worship together.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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