Celebrating milestones amidst the pandemic

Big things are still happening for our young people – birthdays, graduations, etc – and with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting everything the usual way we celebrate these is being put on the shelf for later.

“Most adults have plenty of experience with transition, sudden change, and loss. For young people working hard towards an event that signifies the end of their childhood and beginning of their adult life (like high school or university graduation), the necessary social distancing measures have brought unexpected challenges at the most inopportune time; many young people lack the experience to know that things will most likely work out okay in the end,” says Hanna Lee Sandoval on her lates post on the Fuller Youth Institute website.

Hannah offers great advice to support our young people in these situations by:

  • Creating a safe space for young people to express their feelings
  • Provide emotional safety and support
  • Teach positive coping skills
  • Encourage those struggling to seek professional counselling support

You can read the full article here.

Let us know how you are helping young people navigate their way through this crazy time and mark their milestones accordingly so we can celebrate together!

Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North), and responsible for young adult ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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