Getting Creative with KidsClub Online!

“Children learn as they play. More importantly in play, children learn how to learn” – O. Fred Donaldson

Gone are the couple of hours where, you could let your child run free and have the best time with a leader at KidsClub or Playgroup. While you had a couple of minutes with other parents and carers catching up over a cup of tea or coffee. With no more physical gatherings at Playgroups or Kids Clubs Leaders have had to adapt to this social change and gone creative ONLINE!

Every Friday at 8am Craig and Emma Hunter, share and engage time with youngsters Online with KidsLife. With a variety of crafts, readings, cooking and singing each week, KidsLife has turned into a favourite for many Children to tune in and join all the fun!

From Terrigal Uniting Church Kidslife is a children’s program aimed at pre-school to early primary years. Each episode looks at a different topic from the Bible. Creatively using of puppets, cooking sessions and animals, Kidslife as been able to inspire other leaders to step into the digital world and start creating their own content!

Prioritising young people during this Pandemic has shown,that not only does it benefit the young person, but it helps in fuel a warm community that everyone wants to be apart of. Kidslife shows a broad variety of helpers lead in various parts of the program, which is Fantastic! As we shift in dynamic of how we worship, its always a blessed sight, seeing different ages learn and work together as we support each other.

Check this new program out! Click on the Link below:

Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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