10 More Ideas for Youth Groups

Still trying to figure out how to run youth in this new current norm? Don’t stress, you’re not alone.

Here are 10 more ways to explore youth while we are physically isolated and term 2 starts back up:

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1. Bingo Night – An oldie but a goodie

2. Trivia Night – Who knows more about the Bible, Movies, Music?

3. Flea Circus Challenge – Set a challenge for the most creative Flea Circus. Create the obstacle course from things that you have around the house and record your “flea” completing the course in the most creative way with commentary!

4. Zoom Tic Tac Toe – Everyone in the video call have both a “X” (cross) and “O” (nought) ready. Whoever’s screen shows 3 in a row of either noughts or crosses is the winner! Make sure to screenshot your winning screen 😉

5. The Worm Olympics – Prepare a sleeping bag and everyone measure out the same distance in the space that they’re in. Wriggle, race and see who is the fastest. Create a “Playoff” bracket and hold a championship!

6. Cardboard Letters – As a group project, decide on a word or phrase and write each letter on A4 cardboard (or paper), distribute a letter to each youth member to decorate, collect the letters once decorated and display the complete word or phrase at Church

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7. Tik Tok Challenge – There are so many Tik Tok challenges that are going around during this pandemic, why not create one for your youth group? Dance challenge, re-enactment challenge or singing challenge, record it and have fun together!

8. Hidden Stories – Invite an elder in your community to join you for the night and either share a part of their life story or share a skill i.e. painting, knitting or how to change a tire

9. Shark Tank Night – Do you have an amazing and creative business idea? What’s a better way to practice pitching your idea than at youth 😛

10. Sneaky Phrase – Distribute a phrase to everyone in the group. Each person has to sneak their phrase into the groups conversation, as naturally as possible! How sneaky are you?

These are another 10 ideas for youth but there are definitely more ideas out there! Found some other ideas to stay connected for youth nights? Let us know on Facebook or Email us at info@ucapulse.or.au

Remember the most important part of this is continuing to connect in whatever ways you can during this time! Keep checking in on each other, caring for each other and showing each other God’s abundant love!

Ofa Foiakau is the Field Officer (Central/West), and responsible for youth/high school ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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