PULSEmail is reaching our young hearts!

With the support and help of Pulse Friends and Uniting Venues Team, PulseMail has reached over 220+ young hearts all over our Synod and beyond, nation wide!

PulseMail is designed to interact with children and teens while they are isolated during this time. As well as an opportunity for them to feel excited that there is mail specifically their on a weekly basis. Its great to hear how PulseMail has helped many Parents through this time with giving them a dose of Sunday School with the activity sheets focusing on the weekly Lectionary reading.

This week, PulseMail focuses on the bible story “Journeying to Emmeaus” The Two Disciples recounting the events that happened in Jerusalem, and Jesus being with them without their knowledge. PulseMail this week helps ask questions and help children discover why Jesus had to endure such a brutal death in order to fulfill the scriptures.

PulseMail, starting just 3 weeks ago has reached many households within Australia, and still counting! Still open and available for anyone who hasn’t registered. You can find the link below:


We encourage Parents and Carers to sign up for PulseMail, its a pocket of Fun received weekly in the mail. If you haven’t already yet as a’source for children and teens to have another. Linked below are this weeks copies:



High School

Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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