2020 InterGenerate Australia Conference June 16, 17 – NOW ONLINE!

“Working together to see generations connect”

Wanting to learn and grow more in Intergenerational Ministry? Here is an awesome event to check out where all leading experts in this field will be! Connect with international and Australian practitioners as we explore together Intergenerational approaches to discipleship at this ecumenical and collaborative event. Join in the table discussions, interactive experiences and engaging input. A space to learn more wisdom as we journey together in connecting generations together!

Developing an Intergenerational mindset beyond the Sunday service and Intergenerational faith communities – where discipleship happens, not as a series of programs or lessons, but as a lifestyle with others. Come for both days or for just one. Throughout the sessions it allows time for leaders to think back to their own contexts and discover different ways to engage which becomes a highlight for those involved.


Having been to Intergen events held last year, Intergenerate Australia provides a space where Workers and Leaders can get together and share, re-educate and share the hope that is in Intergenerational ministry. Definitely a great space to engage with other leaders within the feild and explore differents ways of exploring Intergen ministry.

Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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