How are you helping families connect with God and with each other?

Since the beginning of COVID-19 some congregations that have only been interested in transforming worship to go online.

It’s time we think seriously about mission and ministry with EmerGens beyond Sunday morning worship.

I launched Katchup with God and Krazy Kaz recently to help congregations to connect with those families on the edge of their churches, Messy Church families, kid’s club crew, etc. The idea is that congregations could host a watch party or use bits of it in other things they might be doing. It could be even something you do with just your family, some friends or your grandkids online. It is intended to be lighthearted and fun, covering content that can be quite challenging.

As time has gone on there have developed a couple of key parts to it.

  • A game relating to the theme to help get people playing together;
  • Garden Knome Chronicals – A playing out of the bible reading using the knomes in my garden which happen to be a series of Star wars and other characters (Jesus is Yoda FYI);
  • A short reflection on the reading, which begins with the question “what have you noticed about the reading?”;
  • An interactive prayer;
  • 2 weekly challenges – 1 a spiritual practice relating to the them of the week, the second an action that engages someone else, hopefully in their community; &
  • Finishes with a blessing.

The Coronavirus has significantly changed how we connect with the people around us. We could keep doing what we have always done use this opportunity to try new ways of connecting with each other and with God.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start or what to do. There are lots of great resources out there. Let’s work together, share what we have and see what God encourages us to do next.

Check out the latest Katchup with God here!

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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