Explaining spreading germs to our kids!

Troubles explaining to kids, about whats going on with COVID19? Why we need to constantly wash our hands? Then this video is for you! … Actually this video is for your kids! Scratch that, its for everyone!

As we all know, we are in times of uncertainty, isolation and told to constantly wash our hands. It has been a challenging time for us as adults but also, times have been tough for our children! Having navigating something they have never experienced before as well.

Finding the right way and language to talk to them about COVID-19 can help protect children and reduce their fear.

Scientist Mark uses Experiments, awesome ‘glow germ’ and practical ways to help understand with the spread of germs.

Spread kindness 

It is important to give kids a sense of being in control as well make them know that everyone is dealing with this situation and letting them know, there support is essential. Giving children meaningful ways to help others will help them and others.

  • Get children helping to make your family plans for self-isolating. 
  • Check in on their friends or talk to elderly relatives who are self-isolating via phones or video calls.
  • Offer to say prayers together as a family, for those that might need them
  • Make sure to create a space where members of the family, especially the children feel loved.

Be sure to watch this clip with your family!

Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for children and families ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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