Supporting all types of families over Easter!

What did you have planned for the Easter break? Were you going away? There are families all across Australia that had big plans that are now not happening.

Families are trying to learn to share their lives on a whole new level together with little respite. For most, they are about to head into school holidays, structured school work is not going to be happening and going out for adventures are not an option. On top of this parents, are either trying to work or they may have even just lost their jobs, all not great for family dynamics.

Many Children and Family workers have been hard at work, these last few weeks in preparation to ensure there a resources for children and teens to do at home, during this time of Isolation. Creating crafts, puzzles and materials for families especially children and teens to feel loved and engaged. Tammy Handley, Playgroup and Childrens worker from Bowral Uniting Church explains why its important to reach out during this time.

“Hope is still there, in little things we do!… we need to stay connected, and continue to reach out where we can. As Easter is the most important time to be together, providing the support and checking in with parents and playgroups, just to make it easier, it what we need to do, whether its emails or calls….But most importantly let us continue to Pray for people, seen and unseen.

As a church we have the opportunity to share God’s light into everyone’s lives. A couple of Churches have some great resources that you could get ready to give away or share with your families and friends this week.

Wesley Canberra Uniting Church have created a daily journeying to the cross for families. Check out their facebook page for more information.

Willoughby UCA has created a for Playgroup families that you can download here.

Check out their ‘Lets get Messy’ simples recipes as well as their ways on meditation as we try and stay sane at home.

Bowral UCA have designed an awesome Easter pack using a Jellybean theme.

Filled with many puzzles, stencils and stories, to keep everyone happy the long weekend. You can download them here and here.

Alot of these options cost you nothing, just a click and a message. In this time of struggle and isolation we don’t realise as a church the gift we have in the church community we belong to. Why not ask God who God would like you to reach out to this Easter.

Make them a pack, share a link with them on Facebook, whether it be your congregation or where you have discovered good worship, or connect them with Katchup with God & Krazy Kaz, ask them whether they would like a weekly activity mailout for the kids.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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