PULSEmail is a thing!

Are the kids driving you up the wall, have you stopped your Sunday School or Kids Club, are you looking for something that is not on a screen?

This week the PULSE team launches the all-new PULSEmail.

We realise we have some amazing volunteers who support and teach our children about Jesus every week, but creating a resource to send home is not their thing. We want to support you in your ministry. Pulsemail is designed to be posted out to kids or families with activities reflecting on the lectionary reading. We have 3 versions one for High School, one for Primary School, the other for families with Preschoolers.

We are doing this to free up our fabulous volunteers to do what they are good at, caring for kids, letting them know they are not forgotten and how much Jesus loves them, which is really important work during this difficult time.

We see that this would compliment the great activity packs that congregations are creating for people to do at home, or a card or letter, an email or even just a phone call to check in on families and the kids that are part of your church.

How does it work ? You can either download it straight away, and mail yourself or deliver to your kids, or sign them up and it will get posted every week. We will sort postage and organise it to be put together and mailed out. So let your families know, get them to sign up their kids and they can get some PULSEmail delivered to their door!

Sign up is here.

Download the weekly worksheets:
High School

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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