Interactive Family Worship Online – Katchup with God and Krazy Kaz

It can be really tough when in these times, you have a house full of kids! Pulse has been busy putting together a couple of options and letting people know about the resources out there through our website and Facebook page.

Our latest addition is Katchup with God and Krazy Kaz. It is a weekly household interactive worship experience which gives you something to do, helps families connect with God and each other. Hopefully it gives you a bit of a laugh as well!

Katchup with God provides a variety of ways for families to connect with God. A normal session consists of a warm up game, listening to the reading through the Garden Knome Chronicles, a time of reflecting together, interactive prayer in the episode as well as a way to do a daily practice and an activity for the week to try and bring hope and light to your community. Going for about 15 minutes it has pause moments to stop and do things together.

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We hope that church families will give it a go, maybe having watch parties as a congregation. This is the sort of thing you could also share with your friends, or kids that are part of your kids club. Our hope is this will help congregations to connect in with their families in a new way during this time of physical isolation.

Currently we have 2 episodes ready to go in Katch up with God & Krazy Kaz: Who Sinned? & Dem Bones.

Our next episode is Palm Sunday, and there will be ones exploring the various themes of Easter.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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