All the backpackers came to KCO2020!

This year’s Kids Camp Out we travelled around the world following Jesus as he travelled through Easter.

KCO 2020, held at Wedderburn Christian Campsite, was absolutely amazing this year with 11 groups attending, consisting of 186 people: 75 Campers, 45 Assistant Leaders and 65 Adult Leaders! With a mix of groups staying in tents and cabins, everyone was keen on the weekends program, rain or shine!

Leading up to the weekend of the camp, March 7th to 8th, we found ourselves a little nervous with predicted wet weather and anxious over the growing COVID 19 spread. We remained positive, though, and tried to prepare the best we could for any obstacles! The program was adapted to be all done indoors and we stocked up enough hand sanitisers, wipes, tissues and other cleaning supplies to keep any and all pubic spaces as clean as possible, making sure that we communicated all of this to those looking to join us.

The weekend itself, although a little overcast, was clear enough that the original program ran smoothly! The kids had so much fun with the annual outdoor games and swimming, which were the main activities of the program that would have been impacted by the weather. The rest of the program, including the All-In games, Bible Study stations and Arts & Craft, was met with just as much enthusiasm and participation.

As backpackers, the kids travelled around the world to each Bible Study Station in groups. From South Korea to Tonga, Italy to New Zealand, they explored Jesus’ journey from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday. Everyone made the trip back to Australia together to learn about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Alongside the program for the young campers, KCO 2020 expanded its leadership program into 3 sessions throughout the weekend. There were great discussions on what good leadership looks like, what qualities leaders have, and how young leaders can apply these skills. They had an opportunity to exercise these skills on Sunday morning, leading their group in making their own group flag. The young leaders were also challenged on how they can lead when they go back home, whether it was showing their leadership skills in Sunday School or Youth, at school or at other cocurricular activities. There was great turnout and involvement from the Assistant Leaders, and it was great to have more targeted sessions for them to help them continue to grow in that space.

With the jam packed and fun weekend, we are thankful for everyone who joined us, whether they were backpacking together throughout the program, helping look after groups or chefs cooking back at campsites. Thank you to everyone for the willingness to practice good hygiene by always washing their hands, sanitising and helping with wiping down public spaces. It was a blessing to see everyone have such a great time!

We hope to see everyone again for KCO2021!

Ofa Foiakau is the Field Officer (Central/West), and responsible for youth/high school ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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