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Lost Sheep

From England to Egypt, Cambodia to Kazakstan, Tonga to Tasmania, you would be amazed where this lost sheep has seen! Come and See, hear and read where Cecil and his friends have been!

As we Prepare for Easter at home, or in need of more fun activities for the kids during this Lenten Season, you must checkout this exciting colourful resource that is Lost Sheep!

Lost Sheep is a Fun Interactive Resource that can assist in helping find ways to be more proactive. Wheather read in a story, completing activities or looking for themes to help prepare a children’s story, Lost Sheep would be awesome to have in your tool box.

Through, whimsical characters and charming Illustrations, Lost Sheep provides creative ways to engage not only with children but can be used for all ages. As it relates to themes and bible stories leaders, Parents with their Youngsters as well as oldies will have fun exploring our faith in different ways.

Lost Sheep does come with a small fee but becoming members is definitely worth it! You will receive a Story Telling Kit, Weekly class devotions, activity books new content regularly and much more, as well as being able to have print outs for free.

Being able to see the bible stories through the eyes of different characters is exciting and challenging. Through simple texts and pictures children can explore within themselves and pick up on themes that may relate to the gospel and how they can use these teachings as they grow.

To look into these awesome Resources click on this link: https://www.lostsheep.com.au/

contacts: info@lostsheep.com.au

Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for children and families ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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