New ways to hand over the keys to leadership

Wondering how to engage more young people within the life of your church?

The Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) through a significant research project developed the results into the six core competencies displayed by churches that are Growing Young.

Churches that engage in the Growing Young program understand that it’s not about changing youth ministry or starting a youth group. It’s about a transformational change of their church culture.

This great piece from FYI reminds us that handing over the keys of leadership to young people can happen in a whole bunch of ways–they don’t just have to be physical.

Hearing young perspectives around you and having them in your church will help as your congregation seeks to grow young. It’s an exciting opportunity to gather together and dream about where God is leading you.

Contact the PULSE team to start a conversation with your church that will get you started on the process of Growing Young.

Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North), and responsible for young adult ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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