Great Sunday School resources

If you are looking for some great new resources for Sunday School for 2020, here are are selection that you might find helpful.

New Years, New Goals and New Sunday School Resources to engage more deeply with Children’s Ministry.

Here at Pulse, we love the Sunday school stories we hear around the Synod, check out our resources if you need any ideas.

With the New Year, new resources and interactive thinking have been engaged to bring Children’s Ministry to life – including digital storytelling, hands on materials and creative Bible games for children to figure the Bible and an understanding of Jesus.

Children’s Ministry Resources
A great resource, and they are due to restart the lectionary again for another 3 years.
Their sticker pack formed part of our nativity, they also have large art projects which are great for group activities.
Recommended by our congregation members!
The bible project was recommended by our NT lecturer at UTC, it does insightful looking into the reading and presents it in an animation format.
Great resources and designed for the whole church.
Interactive Bible Lessons for Years 4 to 12. (Written and produced in Australia.)
Curriculum based on the lectionary. Recommended by one of our ministers, as their Church enjoys it.
A way of discovering Jesus Christ via Visual Story Telling.

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