Christmas Prayer Spaces

God is a creative God and has made us as unique creatures.

We all learn in different ways and if we are honest we all pray in different ways.

For some people they like to pray in the quiet alone, for some out loud in Church,  for some they draw, for some they pray while their driving.

Prayer stations give people an opportunity to engage with God in a more interactive way, using both quiet space but action that helps connect more deeply with the season.

The original idea comes from providing prayer spaces for kids at schools in the UK.

We have taken this idea and developed seven unique prayer spaces for Advent, in the lead up to Christmas.

The Prayer Spaces are designed that people of all ages can participate. You could use them as part of Messy Church, or a Blue Christmas service, you could have it as a welcoming space for your Christmas Day service as people gather or you could just set up a prayer space for a week, in your church, in your office or even at home.

How to use the Prayer Spaces

There are seven in total, but you could opt to use one or two and use the attached resources and adapt them to your own service.

Just remember the following things:

  • Be creative
  • Set aside the spaces in your church where people can sit and contemplate in the designated spaces
  • Consider doing some of the activities in your church service to help people focus on the meaning of Christmas
  • Be creative

Download all seven Prayer Space ideas here with How To’s and print outs for the spaces.

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