Pulse Welcomes Two New Team Members

Since their appointment in early 2019, Karen Mitchell Lambert and Siosiana (Joyce) Tangi have been travelling around the Synod and listening to the needs of young people in their communities and discovering how the Uniting Church can more effectively raise up and train leadership across the Church. Key issues that arose from this consultation was the need for support, better communication, easy access to resourcing and leadership development.  

What has become very evident during this process is that there is much work to be done and the workers are few!

With this in mind and after an extensive search, the Pulse team is excited to announce the recruitment of two new team members.

They will be working with Joyce across the Synod, supporting and growing emerging generation networks, helping run events, creating resources and developing our online presence. The team will be working with the rest of the Uniting Mission and Education team, Presbytery leadership and the Uniting Church Engagement Team to build up and support a new generation of leaders in the Church.

The two new team members are Ofa (Milise) Foiakau and Steve (Molk) Molkentin.

Ofa comes to us from Western Sydney, she has been a leader with Leigh Fijian Congregation for years. She is involved with Sydney Alliance and Youth Powr. She is involved in Pacific Warriors, and a strong advocate for Climate Change. She is a great organiser, friendly and amazing speaker.

Ofa will be responsible for our Central and Western region this includes, Sydney Parramatta Nepean and Macquarie Darling Presbytery. She will also be our liaison with Congress.

“The pulse team are tasked with the important role of working with congregations, zones and presbyteries. We’re looking to encourage, promote and provide spaces for our emerging generations to seek who they are and where God is in their experiences of life.”

“I’m so excited be a part of this journey that reaches out to and walks with all these diverse and vibrant communities. New leadership allow us to see different ways to navigate through this journey together. This is what God is calling us to, and I feel blessed to be a part of it with the Pulse team.”

Molk comes to us from sunny Queensland, he has been working with the Queensland Synod for the past 3 years, specifically exploring online communities and growing ministry online. He has worked on the ground with congregations and Presbyteries, growing disciples and leadership across the Synod.

Molk is very excited to join the Pulse team.

“Opportunities abound! I’m excited to help young people connected to the Uniting Church in NSW/ACT Synod to share their stories and engage in the work of God in our community, as much as I’m looking forward to working with congregations and Presbyteries to connect with ways to gather young people to learn more about God and themselves,” says Molk about his new role.

“The vision and strategy around the Pulse team is compelling and I’m humbled to be a part of it.”

He loves young people, music, movies, TV, Lego and helping the Church move into this century!

Molk will be responsible for our Northern region, including Sydney Central Coast, Hunter, New England and mid and Far North Coast Presbyteries. A significant part of his work will be developing our online communities to support our ministry to the whole Synod.

Siosiana (Joyce) Tangi who has been part of our team since the beginning of the year will be responsible for the Southern region. Georges River, Illawarra, Canberra and Riverina.

Our new staff will support the whole Synod, develop Pulse’s online presence that will assist resourcing and help make communication accessible to everyone no matter where they are.

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