Working with emerging generations

Rev. Karen Mitchell Lambert was recently employed as the leader of the Pulse team. Here she explains her road map for Pulse and the team.

So what is Pulse?

It is a movement, a network of people who are passionate about seeing the Good News of Jesus being shared far and wide with those who are part of emerging generations. We will work together to share resources, inspire and encourage each other, learn from, pray with and for each other.

What are emerging generations?

Children, youth, young adults, and families. For ministry to work with emerging generations it requires a whole of Church response, whether that is from the Synod or whether it is a small gathering of people in what feels like a forgotten town.

I believe there is growth and emerging generations present. We are currently in the process of collecting a data base to map exactly how much life with emerging generations we have. I am already surprised by what we are finding and the stories we are hearing about how young people are encountering faith is deeply encouraging.

Pulse is about supporting and encouraging emerging generations in our Church. We work with children, families, youth and young people to inspire innovation across all parts of NSW ACT Synod. To make this happen we will be seeking to listen.

We will be listening to our Aboriginal sisters and brothers about their hopes and longing for our Church. We want to talk with Children and their families, youth, and their leaders to hear what their experience of our church is and hear their hopes and dreams.

What will we be doing?

We will be talking to Presbyteries to hear what they know, listen to their dreams and visions and see how we can work together. We will be talking with our Korean and Pacific Island brothers and sisters to see how God is calling their young people in faith and how they can share what they are learning with the wider Church.

We will be talking with Chaplains and RE teachers in our schools and Universities about how they see faith formation and growing new communities. We will be seeking people who want to be part of this along the way. If you have an idea or something you want to share, we want to hear it. We will be releasing two surveys, one for youth and young adults, and one for families.

How will we do this?

If Pulse is going to work it is going to rely on more than just the staff we have to make it happen, we want this movement to be inclusive, generous, hospitable and safe. We want to reflect how our Uniting Church is diverse and hold each other in Christ first, sharing the love and compassion we are called to, at all times.

The truth is there are limited resources in our Church and we have three areas we are called to work in – Supporting and growing what we have in emerging generations, supporting chaplaincy and developing their connections to local faith expressions, and growing new ways of being Church.

I believe that God is giving us all we need to make this
happen, it is scattered in the Church. Through us growing together, sharing and listening to each other, God is growing something amazing.

For more information about Pulse contact Karen Mitchell Lambert, Pulse Leader: or Joyce Tangi, Pulse Field Officer:

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