Quick Links for Children & Families Ministry (March)

We’re excited to share that we’ll be posting regular updates from Chris Barnett, Children & Families Worker for VIC/TAS Synod. The updates include events, resources, blogs and training opportunities. Every update is a terrific asset to churches & individuals seeking to minister alongside children and their families.

  1. Lent & Easter Resources

Multi-age Easter Services (UCA SA)

Easter ideas (Barnabas)

Easter Stories (Lost Sheep)

Lent & Easter Resources (UCA SA)

Sharing Easter & Lent (Kids Friendly NZ)

Easter Animations + RU Smarter? (Max 7)

From previous Updates…

2018 Lent Engage Together – Intergenerational Worship Resources

Lent (Building Faith)

Lent (Faith in Homes)

Lent (Flame Creative)

Lent (Going4Growth)

Lent Resources (Common Grace)


  1. Some Australian Blogs

Don’t Pave Over the Playground (Brian Spencer)

The Cross in my Backyard (Wendy Lewis)

The Idea of Home (Alison Sampson)

Forming Faith (Greg Priebbenow)

Multivocality (Beth Barnett)


  1. Intergenerational Ministry

Intentional intergenerational ministry (Chris Barnett)

How to be an intergenerational church (IDEA)

It takes a whole church (Faithfull Generation)

Intergenerational resources (Vibrant Faith)

Intergenerational Church Toolkit (CRCNA)


  1. Some thoughts from the UK

“Honey, I shrunk the gospel” (Sam Luce)

The Old Testament in 3 Minutes (Bible Society)

Some final thoughts on Messy Church (Martyn Payne)

Four questions for all-age worship (Spiritual Child Network)

Is moral therapeutic deism ruining your ministry with youth? (The Resource)


  1. Some material From Fuller (US)

Lenten ideas for youth ministry

Better problem solving for your church

Some free resources for youth ministry

Helping Adolescents work through anxiety

What matters most for family relationships


  1. Theology of Child – some helpful books re-visited

Let the Children Come (Bonnie Miller-McLemore)

Children and the Theologians (Jerome Berryman)

Children and the Gospel (Ron Buckland)

The Child in the Bible (Marcia Bunge)

Welcoming Children (Joyce Mercer)

Graced Vulnerability (David Jensen)

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