Is this your dream job?

Do you love watching TV and movies … and giving your opinion on them?

Imagine if that was your job and you got to travel to film festivals around the world. Sound like a dream?

Well, that’s what Christian Alissa Wilkinson does for a living!

Join Alissa – a New York writer, critic and scholar – for a special masterclass designed just for you.

At the masterclass, you will:

  • Hear amazing stories about Alissa’s job as a critic
  • Learn how she sees the relationship between her work and her Christian faith
  • Pick up key tips for how you can write about film and TV
  • Try writing your own piece of criticism during the class
  • Workshop your writing in a fun, creative and supportive environment

This masterclass is for girls only, in school years 9-12.


To register for this event visit the website and also find out about other events and public lectures that Alyssa is giving while she is in Australia.

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